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One Story, 700SF ADU

One-story accessory dwelling units (ADUs) offer numerous advantages that make them an attractive option for homeowners. Firstly, their single-level design ensures excellent accessibility and convenience for residents of all ages and abilities. With no stairs or multiple floors to navigate, one-story ADUs are ideal for elderly individuals, individuals with mobility challenges, or those who simply prefer a more accessible living space. The absence of stairs also eliminates safety concerns and reduces the risk of accidents, making these units a secure and comfortable option for occupants.

Secondly, one-story ADUs provide a spacious and open layout that enhances functionality and flexibility. The absence of vertical divisions allows for a seamless flow between rooms, making the living space feel larger and more welcoming. This design enables creative utilization of the available square footage, providing ample room for comfortable living, dining, and entertaining. Moreover, the open layout allows for easier furniture arrangement and customization according to the resident’s preferences and needs. Whether it’s accommodating a growing family or providing a comfortable living space for aging parents, the versatility of one-story ADUs ensures that they can adapt to changing circumstances and serve multiple purposes effectively.


Carlin N.


April 11, 2022


Completed ADUs, One-story ADUs