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Our ADUs
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1BD, 1 BA 500 SF ADU
2 - Attached-ADU
3 - Detached-ADU
1 - Above-Garage-ADU
4 - Interior-Conversion-ADU
6 - Garage Conversion
ADU Types

There are various forms of ADUs. One common type is the Attached ADU, which is connected to the main house and shares a wall or a portion of the structure. Detached ADUs, on the other hand, are standalone structures separate from the main house. Another popular type is the ADU over Garage, where the living space is constructed above an existing garage. This type of ADU maximizes space utilization and is a great option for properties with limited land area. ADUs over Garages can be designed as a separate unit with a private entrance or integrated with the main house if desired.

Garage Conversion ADUs involve transforming an existing garage into a separate living space. This type of ADU allows homeowners to repurpose an underutilized structure, providing a cost-effective and efficient way to add livable space to their property. Garage Conversion ADUs can be versatile, ranging from studios to multi-bedroom units, depending on the available garage space.

Interior conversion to ADU involves repurposing existing interior space within the main house to create a separate living unit. This option is ideal for homeowners who have ample unused space, such as a basement or an underutilized floor, which can be converted into a self-contained ADU.


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September 12, 2019


Planning, ADU Types