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ADU Trends (CA)

The trends surrounding ADUs in California reflect a shift towards more flexible and diverse housing options, driven by changes in regulations, increased demand for affordable housing, and evolving lifestyle preferences.

In recent years, the state of California has implemented various legislative changes aimed at reducing barriers and streamlining the ADU development process. These changes include relaxed parking requirements, increased allowable sizes, and expedited permitting processes, making it easier for homeowners to construct ADUs on their properties. As a result, ADUs have gained significant popularity and continue to be a growing trend in the housing market.

…Are you building an ADU as a home or as a rental?

The rise of platforms like Airbnb and the demand for flexible housing options have made ADUs attractive for rental purposes. Homeowners can generate supplemental income by renting out their ADUs, making them a valuable investment opportunity.

Earn 30% or more compare to traditional rent
Aim for 50%+ occupancy rate
Booking fee = 5-15% of reservation
Host service fee - can range from 3% to 5%.
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